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$60 for 2 weeks for all new students!

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Harmony is coming & the Early Bird Price can't be beat! So book your space NOW.

You do not want to miss your chance to study with a Certified teacher.

Harmony Slater has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga in the Mysore method for over a decade. She was first introduced to Yoga in 1995, and began practicing Ashtanga Yoga in 2000. She always had a keen interest in spirituality and the art of physical movement, which culminated in fifteen years of dance training and two BA degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies. 

Harmony was given Authorization by Guruji in 2006, and was granted Certification by Paramaguru Sharath Jois in 2015. She is one less than 20 women in the world to hold this honour.

Over the years she co-founded two traditional Ashtanga Yoga Schools in Canada. The first was established in 2009, in Victoria, and the other is found in Calgary. With the birth of her son, Jediah, in 2011, life became full and sweet, as she experienced the deeper dawning of yoga within every aspect of daily life.  She has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon and openly shares her insights about experiencing the full integration of Ashtanga Yoga during her workshops.

Tuesday, October 24 - Saturday October 28

Mysore Practice: full week $125 or Drop In $30


Mysore Style is the heart of Ashtanga Yoga. In the Mysore method, students are met as individuals. Each person is taught progressively according to his or her readiness. This can be a very transformative experience for students who are open to exploring their inner-self using the asana as a tool for this discovery.

Saturday October 28 (Saturday times may get bumped an hour up, so stand by)

Introduction to Pranayama: $40


Pranayama is the expansion of the vital life energy within. Expanding our yoga practice into this fourth limb of practice deepens our concentration and improves our health. We will explore easily accessible ways to begin a practice of breath-control.

Handstands Begin in Primary Series: $40


Leaning to balance on your hands begins right from the first sun-salutation. If you want to start to build up the strength through the arms and core to practice handstands, the foundations are found right in the practice of bandhas and the postures of primary series.

Sunday, October 29

Led Primary Series with Metta Meditation: $40


Mula Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha are important keys to the deepening your practice. This Primary Series class will bring focus to what these "energetic locks" really are and how they can be used to draw the mind inward towards a more concentrated state during your practice. 

This class will end with a guided Metta Meditation to help increase our overall sense of well-being, and loving-kindness.

Conference - The Esoteric Elements of Yoga with Q&A: $40


Yoga is the science of experience and a philosophy for living. We can find keys for how to lead a fulfilling and powerful life in the teachings of Sri K Pattabhi Jois and Patanjali Yoga Sutras.  This is an opportunity for students to ask practice related questions or other yoga related questions.

Students currently enrolled & practicing at Mysore, Toronto will receive a special discount upon registration! (Applies to Mysore Week & Full Week only. Individual classes will not be discounted.) 

Payment can be made via Paypal by clicking the links below.

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OR pay cash at the studio Monday-Friday 6-9am, Saturday 730-9am.

Total prices are listed below.

Full week with all workshops $275 paypal.me/emmaoneill/310.75

Full Mysore week (Tuesday - Saturday Mysore + Sunday Led P) $125 paypal.me/emmaoneill/141.25

Full weekend (Mysore & Led P with all workshops) $130 paypal.me/emmaoneill/146.90

Full Saturday (Mysore + 2 workshops) $90 paypal.me/emmaoneill/101.70

Full Sunday (Led Primary + Metta Meditation & Conference) $80 paypal.me/emmaoneill/90.40

Mysore Drop-In $30 paypal.me/emmaoneill/33.90

Led Primary with Metta Meditation $40 paypal.me/emmaoneill/45.20

Any 1 Workshop Drop-In $40 paypal.me/emmaoneill/45.20

Any 2 Workshops Drop-In $60 paypal.me/emmaoneill/67.80


Tuesday to Friday: Mysore, Toronto 475 Danforth Ave

Saturday & Sunday: The Bain Community Centre 100 Bain Ave